2000-A Synth Odyssey

In 1998 I had an ‘all in one’ Yamaha DJX keyboard complete with ‘dynamic immersion’ speakers, a 3 track sequencer and a 4 second sampler.

That was pretty much my entire studio.

I used to make some pretty jammin’ music with it though, if I do say so myself, before selling it to an Abba obsessed Pilipino (thees have Abba sound? You know Abba sound? I love Abba sound).

The point of that little flashback was that the last time I checked, I had about 2 dozen software synthesizers (including a representation of the black-is-beautiful Korg M1), 30 or so effect plug-ins, and half a dozen drum machines. Phew. Talk about overcompensating.

Of course, each instrument has its unique sound and place and application, and oh, who am I kidding. The truth is, I use some of ’em some of the time, a couple of ’em all the time, and most of ’em not at all.

So, what we are going to have is a little feature I call ‘2000-A Synth Odyssey or Exercises in excessive software synth wankery’.

Pretty much.

Every week, I will showcase a few soft synths from my collection. This way, I hope to rediscover them for myself while showing them off to you. Now that’s deep…

The series will be divided into three parts. Part One will feature bass/lead/bread ‘n butter synths and culminate with the incredible ‘grow my plant’ Synplant. I will call it…wait for it…Genesis!

Part Two will cover my collection of ‘synth monsters’ and will be called, er, Synth Monsters. These guys are monstrous and if they were hardware, they would f@#$ you up.

Part Three will cover sample based ‘workstations’ and feature the beloved Korgs (M1 and Wavestation) as well as the not-so-beloved Sample Moog. Don’t worry Sample Moog. I will learn to love you. That is the point of this exercise, remember?

Finally, part 4 will cover drum machines, and I have quite a few of those as well including the obligatory 909, 808 but also a couple of more esoteric bits o’ kit.

So join me eh?

As for that DJX? Oh, it’s well loved…

Abba rocks!



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  5. Awesome series 😀

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