Great moments in Electro! Electro House invented by Satoshie Tomiie? Oh dear…

According to whoever edited the Electro House entry on Wikipedia, ‘this style is said to have originated in 2005’. There is also a nice little citation needed reminder right next to it. It’s been there for a while.

Now I am really concerned that little kids are going to go researching Electro House for school, find this entry on Wikipedia, and forever believe that ‘the most obvious precursor to the modern electro house scene is the electroclash movement of the early 2000s.’

We must protect our children from spurious dance music categorizations.

Our Wiki friend above probably thinks that a dance genre is created the day Ultra Records releases a ‘David Waxman Presents Deadmeat Presents Ultra Electro Maximum House’ CD.

Not exactly.

Let Uncle Brown take you back, way back, to the heady late 70s. That, children, is when the true seeds of Electro were scattered. That’s where we’re going to start!

And now, presenting ‘Great Moments in Electro’:

Giorgio Moroder: From Here to Eternity

Legend has it that Moroder’s mustache actually released several underground records of its own during the 80s. These are said to be extremely hard to find and worth millions of Lira. The style is apparently called ‘Hairy House’ or ‘Hirsute House’. Whichever you prefer.

“Italian-born producer Giorgio Moroder built Musicland Studio in Munich in 1969 and, with partner Pete Bellotte, proceeded to invent electronic dance music. Not only did he revolutionize the budding disco movement with his digitally powered “four-on-the-floor” bass drum pulse, but also more than any other 70s artist, he was responsible for contributing to the birth of house and techno. His productions for Donna Summer are perhaps his greatest achievements in the decade, but the apex of his solo work is 1977’s From Here to Eternity . This brilliant record glides by with the ebb and flow of a modern DJ mix, sparkling with audiophile-precise sound and arguably the finest vocoder vocals in history. The entire first side of the original LP contains five songs morphed together into one mega-mixed suite of hedonistic minimalism; when he croons, “Baby gives sweet loving, leaves me meaning nothing,” he intones the gospel for disco nymphs and club culture forever more. –Dominique Leone-Pitchfork’s Top 100 Albums of the 70s”

Couldn’t have said better meself, Dominique. You have superb taste in music.

Let’s see here:
Funky Vocoders: Check
Kicking drum machine groove: Check
Percolating synth arpeggio: Check
Swirling bassline: Er, check.

Sounds like Electro House to me…
And, that bassline is clearly the inspiration for the legendary Donna Summer sex piece I Feel Love. Which makes Eternity the father of Love. Ah, how deep…

I gotta hand it to my good friends at! They stuck with just ‘Electro’ pure and simple from 2006-2008, but then had no choice but to cave in to the genrification (ooh madam, I think I just invented a word) fad and add the House.



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  4. I think that the lyric actually goes:
    “baby gives me loving….leaves me needing nothing”
    it makes so much more sense..this is how I hear the lyric
    everytime I have listened to this classic for the last 30 or so years.
    it can also be heard(briefly), in the movie “Thank God It’s Friday”.
    I liked the ‘Mustache’ part alot…very amusing!
    thanks(I love the legend that is Moroder and have practically
    everything he ever did, which is considerable!)

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