Production Diary-Firefly remake/mutation Part 2

In last week’s Production Diary, I had expressed a great fondness for Commodore 64 game music, and a desire to remix a tune from one of its most obscure ‘classics’. Well, as it turns out, the original bassline morphed into something completely different, so I ditched the remix idea and decided to focus on the mutation. A certain ‘cheeky’ sample was added (the tune wasn’t based around the sample, it just seemed to fit so perfectly it had to go in there), and voila:

Compare this to the original idea:

You’ll agree that the ‘update’ is quite remarkable (and a bit of a stomper if I do say so myself)! I am well pleased with how it turned out, and glad I rescued it from the recycle bin.

It’s also a reminder that if a particular track doesn’t seem to be working, you don’t have to end it, delay it, delete it, or change your line of work. Sometimes, a particular mutation is essential for the survival of the species. This is definitely getting a major release soon! All it needs now is some hats.

Goat Hat



  1. Jackson 5 baby!

  2. […] am pleased to report that the Firefly remake that almost didn’t make it before mutating into something completely different, is now complete. Ladies and gentleman, superstar DJs, I present to you, Mr. Jackson’s Boys, […]

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