Forgotten Classic-Play Paul’s La La Land…really?

Why is Daft Punk’s brother in the Forgotten Classic section? Precisely because he is Daft Punk’s brother. Paul de Homem-Christo aka Play Paul has been an ‘up and coming dance music talent’ for almost five years now. Man, if my brother was the guy in the robot suit that made ‘One More Time’, I’d be crankin’ out the number ones like Deadmau5 on speed. Or maybe that’s the problem? Too easy?

Or maybe he likes it that way. Keepin’ it real baby…

In any case, La La Land, a kitschy cover of the kitschy 2001 Green Velvet hit, did not a whole lot on the ‘scene’. Well not when you consider all the people behind it (Gigolo Records, Ed Banger, Kitsune – basically god himself as far as I’m concerned).

And I don’t know why.

It was ‘doing’ the Electro House thing at a time when there was not a single ‘David Waxman presents: Ultra Records presents: DJ Johnny Buttkiss presents: Electro House Hits’ compilation. It had a filthy synth lead/bass, the kind that punches holes in cement, and a tight yet disjointed groove (filthy, the kind that punches holes in cement, tight yet disjointed? Reminds me of someone I went out with once).

Too repetitive you say? I prefer ‘hypnotic’. It works though! I’ve played this out several times, and it always gets a response even though few people know who it is. So while this is probably the most ‘well known’ track in the series so far, its not really…if you know what I mean.

C’mon, it’s an amazing track innit? And no auto tune for our man, oh no, he sings it straight baby! He’s punk like that (geddit?)! There’s also an Ed Banger All Stars remix of it and some others, but this ladies, is just huge!

Oh, and just for fun, here’s a live version featuring the man himself. He’s apparently not takin’ his advice when he sings ‘Somethin bout those little pills unreal the thrills they yield until they kill a million brain cells’…

Or maybe the dude’s just high on life!

I love this track!

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  1. What bullshit man! This was a very big hit. You’re just jealous you’re brother is not Daft Punk! Haha! Good stuff man, I like it. Very funny. Filthy and tight and disjointed? Reminds me of someone as well. Maybe same person? Can you do one on MBM?

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