Slappin’ The Bass! Great Basslines in Dance: Robin S/Show Me Love

‘Show Me Love’ was one of the biggest crossover anthems of 1993, and its most memorable aspect (apart from the sex-tastic Robin S vocal) was that hypnotic organ ‘bass’ riff – a patch from the superb Korg M1 workstation, something of a staple in 90s house music.

It’s been remixed quite a few times, most recently by Steve Angello & Laidback Luke. That version was also a substantial hit, peaking at #11 on the UK singles chart. Nothing sells like nostalgia baby! Bring out that Chumba Wumba remix already!

I  consider this track the aunty of Kylie’s obscenely successful ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’. Both are great examples of lead as bass.

You show me a good lip sync, and I’ll show you love…’Official Video’? I think not!

Little known fact: Did you know that Robin S is actually a granny? Man, does that make me feel old!



  1. I think I have it unmixed on a ‘best of 93’ cd with a bunch of crap and this gem. I found a nice version of the patch in the Vanguard factory bank a while back, but need to try to roll my own sometime.

  2. Thanks for the response mate! Appreciate it. I remember Vanguard. It was the biggest synth from ReFX before Nexus took over. I absolutely love Quadrasid and PlastiCZ by the way! Look out for them in the ‘Synth Odyssey’ feature.

  3. Vanguard was a workhorse for me a some time – mainly due to my joy at having found the Robin S patch! PlastiCZ is on my to-buy list, thanks to the nice Plughugger bank that was recently released.

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