Michael Jackson’s Echo…echo…echo…

In the hit Michael Jackson documentary/concert film This Is It, the King Of Pop asks for more ‘echo’ on his vocals, something that struck me as odd. You see, ‘echo’ is what a layperson would call a delay and/or reverb effect, and while there are certainly boxes with ‘echo’ in the name (Space Echo, Echoplex, Echoverb), they are primarily delay/reverb units.

An echo is a type of delay/reverb. ‘Echo’ is something my mother would say. What Michael may have been referring to was not the effect itself, but a particular favorite preset. Listen to tracks like Dirty Diana, and you will hear a very prominent use of said ‘echo’. Of course, who would correct him. Your butt (Michael would always say ‘butt’, never ‘ass’) would be outta there, don’t matter if its black or white. Shamon…

I know I’m being pedantic but I was just a little surprised that MJ would use such terminology considering how involved he was with the production of his albums.

So what? He made Thriller! Thriller…


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