Slappin’ The Bass! Great Basslines In Dance: Jamie Principle & Frankie Knuckles/Your Love

This groundbreaking 1985 House track still gives me goosebumps. With a rollicking bassline (4 string or Korg M1? Who cares?) and an incessant arpeggio, it grabs you from the start and keeps you there till the climactic end. It’s supremely satisfying , musically complex and full of surprises. When was the last time you heard a House track that did all that?

Who’s Jamie Principle you ask? Principle was the true technical wizard behind ‘Your Love.’  Knuckles did help popularize this gem and put it out on vinyl – but with his name on the cover. Ouch!

Nice vinyl version!

The entire instrumental was lifted  by The Source for the 90s Candi Staton bootleg of ‘You Got The Love’.  That one’s quite an anthem as well!

The arpeggio in my hit track Booty traces its inspiration directly to this classic.

Isn’t she adorable?


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  1. Yo. Good pick. This song is smooth. Nice information on Jamie Principle.

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