Great Moments In Electro- I Program My Home Computer!

In my first article in the series, I argued that ‘Electro House’ did not originate in the early noughties (like some Internet reference sites seem to suggest, wink), but has been around for just a little bit longer than that. Sure, the kicks are now thicker than Oprah’s thighs, and there is a lot of sucking going on (sidechain compression you pervs, what were you thinkin’ of?), but the elements are the same.

Now Kraftwerk is widely considered one of the most influential acts in electronic music, so there were a couple of great tunes to choose from. I was initially going to pick ‘The Robots’ (brilliant!), but this mechanical monster (taken off the 1982 ‘Computer World’ record) is a particular favorite of mine, and one of the group’s lesser known classics. Every element screams pure Electro and should be considered a masterclass, not just for the electronic apprentice, but for every self respecting devotee of dance!

This is where it comes from children…

Spellbinding stuff.


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