Electro Of The Week: ‘To Get’ by H.M.L (Cover of EBTG’s ‘Missing’)

2009 Listen.to.it.

No, I am not drunk, that’s the name of a superb label I just discovered. They probably came up with it when they were drunk. Try googling it! Yikes.

House Wave Vol. 1 is their latest collection on Trackitdown and features several standout tracks including Gimme Fantasy by Italian DJ Gianni Coletti and Suspicious by Stephen Claude, among others. The Electro Of The Week, however, is a cover of the Everything But The Girl hit Missing, this time inexplicably titled To Get. The name of the artist? H.M.L.

H.M.L? Seriously, this anonymity thing is cool, but that sounds like the name of a shoe store. The track is fantastic though, and I especially appreciate the fact that the singer and producer decided not to go for the cliched ‘Dance Diva’ vocal (she sounds fantastic, and the accent ain’t bad at all). Musical, driving and emotional, this would be a winner on any night.  It’s a vibrant update to a classic tune and comes highly recommended.

O.K. So I have been informed that H.M.L. stands for ‘House Music Lovers’. Much better!


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