Synth Odyssey: Intermission Wavestation and Synplant teaser!

This week, I thought I was going to cover Korg’s venerable vector Wavestation soft synth, but the sheer size and scope of the instrument has left me in awe. In order to do complete justice to the monstrous machine, I will have to dig deep and explore its mysterious innards, which will take a bit longer than usual.

Additionally, because it’s an emulation of the wave sequencing synth of the 90s, it’s extremely loyal to its father in sound, functionality and user interface. Of course, the VSTi version is a dream to use thanks to the fact that you don’t have to click click click dang old clickity click to get to each page and then click some more (ah the joys of hardware), but  it still adheres to its daddy’s wave sequencing conventions and as such, is a bit of a head scratcher if you want to make your own sounds. And that’s really the point of this whole Synth Odyssey innit? To really get my hands dirty and explore my tool?

Anyway, vector synthesis seems to be a perfect fit for the software environment, but I have not seen too many VST instruments that have taken the concept and made it both fun and inspirational.

While not a vector synthesizer by any means, Sonic Charge’s Synplant is just that: fun in a way that will have days melting into nights, and inspirational in a way that will have you creating the sounds of your dreams (or nightmares) in a heartbeat. It’s so lush, so divine, so organic, and so truly ground breaking, that if there were a Nobel prize for synthesizers, it’s creator Magnus Lidstrom would be sleeping with one right now. Here’s the official demonstration video:

Get the idea? You grow your sounds, seed by seed, branch by branch! Ah, how eco friendly! Each branch can then be planted into a new seed, regrown, replanted and regrown till your hair fall out. It’s just begging to be tweaked, madam.

There is an additional tool that allows you to get anal with your sounds (cheekily entitled ‘Gene Manipulation’-wonder how ‘Gene’ feels about it), that has your standard synth parameters like LFOs, filters, FM, envelopes etc. making this no mere ‘green gimmick’ but a full fledged bio botanical swamp synth thing.

I almost don’t want people to know about it!

I don’t think I need to do audio demos this time. Those tunes on Synplant Radio are adequate 😉 !

So that’s Part 1: Genesis out of the way! Next up: Synth Monsters!

Here is the story so far:

What is the point of this ‘Synth Odyssey’?

Admiral Quality Poly-Ana

ReFX PlastiCZ

Novation BassStation

Fabfilter One

Muon Tau

Thank you for reading.


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