Top Tune: Refracture vs. Yenn: Sunset (Free Download)

When was the last time you got something for free at a music festival? My guess is you were lucky to come out of there with just one black eye!

Well, now you can get the the official theme song of the 2010  e-Lake Festival for the price of an Internet connection.

And you didn’t even have to go.

It’s rich, it’s creamy, it tastes sublime, and I simply can’t believe it’s not butter!

Refracture vs. Yenn: Sunset (Free Download)


Top Tune: Maurice Noah-Shivering Channel

Just what exactly is a ‘shivering channel’ and why doesn’t somebody cover it with a blanket? Never mind the lyrics, this is a glorious little progressive number from Dirty House Music founder Maurice ‘Hey Bob’ Noah that leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling delightful.

Top Tune: Haberdashery-I Love You Too (Madsen & Bispatial Remix)

Haberdashery is Chicago-based vocalist and musician Stephen Pearlman, who’s been dishing out wholesome Erasure-inspired synth pop goodness since the late 90s. The haunting I Love You Too is taken off the one man band’s fourth album, Valence.

This is the sublime electro pop remix by Norwich synth heroes Paul Madsen and Bispatial (Paul Keen-a great singer in his own right).

Sweet sweet tune.

Phatso Brown’s ‘Breathless’ Remix on Chicago Party Mix FM


Windy city DJ hero Eddie ‘Getdown’ Ortiz features my remix of Aaren San’s Breathless on Chicago’s very own Party Mix FM. Thanks Eddie!

You can listen to the entire DJ set featuring Breathless (and what a set it is indeed) here:

Confessions of a Dance Music Producer…Straight From The Gut!

Looking for a high-octane crash course in the controversial and ever-changing world of electronic music?

Well, this is the next best thing!

Straight From The Gut!

Experience Electro as you never have before, through the eyes (and ears) of deeply troubled critically acclaimed  producer and DJ Phatso Brown.

Regular features include:

Production Diary: Follow a brand new Phatso Brown track from initial concept to final release. Readers are raving: “it’s a masterclass in the how-to’s of music production”, “a glimpse into just what it takes to create, master, and market your music in today’s world” and “hey, where’s the porn you promised?”

Unphiltered: Sure, you’ve been thinking it. But only Brown will say it. Stay tuned as Phatso takes a deeper look at some of dance music’s most burning questions, like just how did a geeky kid named Zimmerman become dance music’s hottest property?

Synth Odyssey: Join Phatso on a magnificent journey through his VSTi folder! It’s so much more glamorous than it sounds!

Electro of the Week: Hand selected, fresh Electro/House just for you! Organic!

Forgotten Classic: Some of the greatest electronic music you’ve never heard! Until now.

Slappin’ the Bass: The baddest bass lines in dance music and what we can learn from them!And none of that obvious stuff like ‘Billie Jean’ or ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ either! This man works hard on that low end…

Great Moments in Electro: A history lesson on a much misunderstood genre! Brown sets it straight!


And for a brief history of all things Phat and Brown, Track It Down and sample some tunage (i.e. super-fantastic blockbuster hit music).

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