Release Report: F@ck Thru The Pain! Beatport Exclusive!

This is a big one ladies. Two of my underground anthems, old school robo funk workout Lose Control and grindy Electro monster F@ck Thru The Pain (FTTP), have been given a fresh lick of paint and re-released on the vibrant Noobish label.

And on the ‘B’ side, we have a spicy remix of FTTP courtesy of British Breaks star Refracture. Very tasty!

Get the release on Beatport!


Production Diary: Mr. Jackson’s Boys-From Firefly to simply Fly!

The Production Diary is back after a bit, and I am pleased to report that the Firefly remake that almost didn’t make it before mutating into something completely different, is now complete.

Ladies and gentleman, Superstar DJs, I present to you, Mr. Jackson’s Boys, a 7+ minute intense Electro workout (think Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, only better ;)) featuring the magnificent vocals of a young up and coming R&B singer from Gary, Indiana: Mr. M. Jackson.

The all important high hat is now present and correct, the arrangement (which is always tricky when dealing with a sampled vocal) is simply Shamon, and I am especially pleased with how the middle section leads into the breakdown and the outro. Ow!

There were some changes: the ‘digital’ bassline was ditched in favor of a warmer ‘analog’ one (Poly Ana), while the strings (Solina style-also Poly Ana) were pitched down to make them less obtrusive (thank you Robert Post’s child).

I used a warm toasty compressor on the drums and master, boosted some of the lows, cut some of the mids (smiley face EQ), and there you have it. Took me way to long to finish this, but I’m glad I did!

I am thinking of a Beatport/Trackitdown release date around mid April, immediately after the FTTP re-release on Noobish and the Aaren San remixes on Plasmapool. Busy month ahead.

Mike would be proud!

Electro Of The Week: Fairy Tales From Osc by Aaren San

Electro rocker Aaren San is on a roll. First the excellent Revenge Of The Humaniacs EP (remixes from yours truly coming soon), and now this mini monster.  Taken off the ominously titled Book of Electronomicon, the delightfully obese Fairy Tales From Osc is a breath of fresh (filtered pumping) air.

With its trademark chunky Aaren groove, glorious bassline, deliciously retro string synth and wicked vocal hook, this is a tune that gets going and never lets up. The way San layers and juxtaposes each part throughout the track is a masterclass in Electro production. Watch out for this lad in 2010 ladies, he’s gonna get big…

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Top Tune: Maurice Noah-Shivering Channel

Just what exactly is a ‘shivering channel’ and why doesn’t somebody cover it with a blanket? Never mind the lyrics, this is a glorious little progressive number from Dirty House Music founder Maurice ‘Hey Bob’ Noah that leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling delightful.

Release Report: Yenn’s ‘Deep Hurts-The Remixes’. Beatport Exclusive!

Deep Hurts: The Remixes is out now only on Beatport. Featuring the hypnotic Yenn original, a stunning breaks mix by Refracture, and a driving Electro take by yours truly, this is another quality release from the Noobish label.

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i’m just ready

before, our love wasn’t as deep

Electro Of The Week: The Future by Power Of 3 (Gareth Whitehead Remix)

This funk-fueled Electro-tinged Gareth Whitehead remix is quite the scorcher. With a bendy hook, meaty drums and cheeky square wave action, this is prime time material.

Out now on the rather tasty Noobish Records.

The original is a six minute Tech House workout, while the Rob Paul remix goes dirty with a rather obese bass line. All three worth checking out.

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Electro Of The Week: Yamb! by 5tereophone

I have no idea what a Yamb! is (yam and cassava?), or why St. Petersburg based producers 5tereophone choose to spell their name with a number (perhaps channeling a certain rodent producer), but this is one of my favorite tracks right now. Taken off the duo’s debut Africa EP, its cheeky, energetic, contagious and highly musical (a bit like that chick from high school), with chords that will haunt you for days.

Tis a good ‘un ladies.

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