Electro Of The Week 6/12/2010: Quick Picks

Not one, not two, but three top picks for you to get your own freak on to this weekend. Or something vaguely along those lines anyway. Whole grain goodness for the whole family!

Lazy Rich: Discofukkr (Dirty, cheeky, driving, peak time anthem)

Kismet: Surreal (Melodic, dark, evocative, funky)

Zedd: The Anthem-Yenn Remix (Emotional, epic, progressive, chunky)

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Electro Of The Week: Say My Name by Jeff Daniels (feat. Tonye Aganaba)

No, not that Jeff Daniels (at least I don’t think so).

This is one of those rare crossover tracks that manages to avoid the double cheese factor, even though it boasts all of the accouterments: sassy vocal, party lyrics, and well, sassy vocal really.

How you ask? The production. It’s slick, confident and ballsy without trying too hard to be flavor of the month.

I like that.

Yet another solid release from the Plasmapool label.

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Electro Of The Week: Fairy Tales From Osc by Aaren San

Electro rocker Aaren San is on a roll. First the excellent Revenge Of The Humaniacs EP (remixes from yours truly coming soon), and now this mini monster.  Taken off the ominously titled Book of Electronomicon, the delightfully obese Fairy Tales From Osc is a breath of fresh (filtered pumping) air.

With its trademark chunky Aaren groove, glorious bassline, deliciously retro string synth and wicked vocal hook, this is a tune that gets going and never lets up. The way San layers and juxtaposes each part throughout the track is a masterclass in Electro production. Watch out for this lad in 2010 ladies, he’s gonna get big…

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Top Tune: Maurice Noah-Shivering Channel

Just what exactly is a ‘shivering channel’ and why doesn’t somebody cover it with a blanket? Never mind the lyrics, this is a glorious little progressive number from Dirty House Music founder Maurice ‘Hey Bob’ Noah that leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling delightful.

Release Report: Yenn’s ‘Deep Hurts-The Remixes’. Beatport Exclusive!

Deep Hurts: The Remixes is out now only on Beatport. Featuring the hypnotic Yenn original, a stunning breaks mix by Refracture, and a driving Electro take by yours truly, this is another quality release from the Noobish label.

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i’m just ready

before, our love wasn’t as deep

Forgotten Classic: Bis-Oh My

“Oh my, an MC505.” Remember those? The all singing, all dancing box of tricks that briefly took over the world (very briefly)? At Home With The Groovebox was a 14 track ‘concept’ album that brought in artists as diverse as jazz legend Dick Hyman, son-of-legend Sean Lennon, art rocker Beck, French airheads Air, and Mr. Popcorn himself Gershon Kingsley, to craft an original tune using nothing but the Roland MC 505 Groovebox.

This was considered pretty ‘revolutionary’ for the time, and Keyboard magazine even carried a cover article on the subject (which is how I discovered it). Of course, these days a vast majority of music is created ‘in the box’, and rarely do you see a record dedicated to the software (or hardware) used to create it, so it was kinda cute.

Did it work? Well, not really. But this incredible breaks track by Scottish Electro poppers Bis was the highlight and still sounds fresh today, more than ten years after its release. It’s a bit short and they were clearly having a bit of a laugh, but it works. The chorus is as anthemic as they come! Now where is that 12″ version?

Electro Of The Week: ‘You Think’ by Chuck Deezil

This tune is like an attention-starved ‘Flat Beat’ on steroids, complete with farting bassline, loopy sirens and chopped up breaks. It’s simply deranged. In the best possible way!

There are two more tracks on the All Meat No Cheese EP, but this gets my pick. It’s quite a grower, ladies!

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